8.2 Consulting AG & Gentari: Successful wind workshop in Kuala Lumpur

8.2 Consulting AG has just concluded a highly successful four-day workshop in partnership with Gentari, the RE subsidery of Petronas. The workshop, held in Kuala Lumpur, focused on exploring the challenges and opportunities in the onshore and offshore wind market.

The comprehensive workshop provided valuable insights into the global onshore and offshore wind sector, enabling Gentari to better understand the dynamics and potential of this rapidly growing industry. With 8.2 Consulting AG's deep expertise and independent advice Gentari gained a deeper understanding of the on- and offshore wind market's nuances and the key factors influencing its success.

By acting as the technical advisor, 8.2 Consulting AG demonstrated its commitment to empowering organizations like Gentari with the knowledge and guidance needed to navigate the wind sector effectively. Through collaborative discussions, interactive sessions, and in-depth analysis, the workshop fostered an environment of learning, enabling participants to make informed decisions and seize opportunities in the onshore and offshore wind market.

8.2 Consulting AG is proud to be associated with Gentari and remains committed to providing top-notch technical advisory services. With their extensive experience and expertise, 8.2 Consulting AG continues to support organizations in leveraging wind as a sustainable and profitable energy solution.

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