fleetMONITOR Software - all data streams in one software platform!

For predictive maintenance of rotating machines 
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Powerful & affordable CMS: predictive maintenance strategy

The crucial basis for that is the interpretation of all kinds of measurement data.

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Usage increased - Down times eliminated:

Predictive maintenance for industrial machines - tried and tested for years!

Our solutions for predictive maintenance will produce real results..

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The leading platform for predictive analytics - for more efficient operation and centralized O&M data flows

Your data is worth its weight in gold! Use it.

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More than 20 years of experience in online monitoring of wind turbines!

Our Know-how as independent CMS service provider for your benefit.

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Vibration measurement - highly efficient and even offline!

Based on our experience resulting from more than 3,500 offline vibration analyses and 1,2 GW Online-Monitoring for 300 kW - 6,5 MW windturbines, 8.2 Monitoring GmbH examines drive trains using high-efficiency vibration analysis.

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